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Fun Games To Keep Your Toddler Occupied

happy kidsThis is somewhat similar to scavenger hunt, a kids’s game where an object is hidden in say the house and you give clues to get your kids to find it. Whoever finds the hidden item first wins a prize. This is way easier to organize and requires little to no thinking or contemplation. The rules are as simple as they’re going to get for a kid’s game. A kid generally has a much longer attention span compared to adults too because they tend to be really absorbed in games and have much less things to worry about. This way, they might take a while playing this game and that frees you up for doing things that you want yourself.

Additionally, you might also want a more physical form of activity for your developing child. In such cases, nothing’s better than an actual obstacle course for your kids (that’s been optimized for safety, of course!). A small and short obstacle course can be built with the simplest tools like sofas, chairs and pillows. Your kids will have to jump, roll over or get around certain areas that are riddled with ‘obstacles’ like pillows that they have to get over without any of their body parts touching the objects.